Viewing Stores


Navigate to: Marketing > Site Search > Search Profiles > Edit Search Profile - Stores tab

Search Profiles allows administrators to easily manage creation of search configurations using

  1. Searchable fields

  2. N Gram Settings

  3. Character Filters

  4. Relevance rankings

  5. Search query properties and operators

  6. Facets

that can be used to configure the rules using which the search functionality will find and display results on the webstore.


From the Stores tab, administrators can view all the stores that have the catalog associated for which the search profile is created.



Changes on the Admin screen (from version Znode 9.7.1 and onwards)

  1. Changes from Znode 9.7.1

    1. On the admin screen following tabs will not be available under Marketing > Site Search > Search Profile - Add/Edit Search Profile - Query Properties

      1. Query Type

        1. Match Phrase Prefix

        2. Match

        3. Match Phrase

      2. Minimum Should Match

      3. Enable Accurate Scoring

  2. Changes from Znode 9.7.3

    1. On the admin screen the following new configuration settings are introduced under Marketing > Site Search > Search Profile - Add/Edit Search Profile

      1. N Gram Settings is added

      2. Character Filter Setting is added

    2. Only one search profile can be created for one catalog, therefore the search profile will work for all the stores where the search profile’s catalog is associated.
      Note: The provision to mark default search profile is removed because of this reason.

    3. It is mandatory to publish the changes to test the search from the admin application and to view the changes on the web store.

    4. When no search profile is created for a catalog the system defined search profile will work for that catalog on the web store.

    5. Search Profiles defined in admin application will only work for store based catalogs. 

    6. After taking an upgrade all the existing search profiles will be deleted therefore admin users will have to manually create and configure the required search profiles.

  3. Limitation: There is no way to configure search profiles for Account and User Profile based catalogs from the admin application therefore only system defined search profile work for Account and User Profile based catalogs.

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