Getting Started with the default Znode Theme

There are two options, the first option is to manually copy the views found in the webstore and put them into the admin view. The second option is to create a symbolic link between the two. The second option is the most efficient approach, this will take care of all the files you would need to copy.

  1. Copy the same views found in the webstore and put them in the admin.
    1. Navigate to the current path of your local Znode install and copy the Themes folder found in

    2. ie C:\dev\znode\ZnodeMultifront\Projects\Znode.Engine.WebStore\Views

    3. Paste the Themes folder into the Admin folder

    4. ie C:\dev\znode\ZnodeMultifront\Projects\Znode.Engine.Admin

    5. So Znode.Engine.Admin contains the newly copied Themes folder.

  2. Create a symbolic link
    1. We would recommend using your source control to manage the templates and not relying on uploading/editing templates through the admin. Checking your templates into source control and deploying them will solve most cases of there being a mismatch as described. So we are clear there are three parts,
      The webstore is rendering templates based on what’s in the webstore directory, these files are versioned control and deployed by what’s in the repo.
      The admin has the content pages, where you can configure and preview the pages, to do this it’s pulling from its own directory which is a copy or symbolic link from the webstore.

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