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These reports give information about the Orders or SKUs sold during a particular period of time. 




To view Orders for a particular date range with Order status.

Coupon Usage

Details for all Coupons used with Orders from Stores. It includes the Store for which the Coupon was used along with the details, such as the number of Coupons used, the Coupon discount amount, etc.

Sales Tax

Details for Taxes calculated for all Orders placed, Order Totals, and Time and Date of the Order.

Affiliate Orders

Commission owed to an Affiliate after the Affiliates Customer buys a Product which the Affiliate has recommended. It also shows the number of Orders placed for the recommended Products.

Order Pick List

A list of Products to be pulled from Inventory for all Orders with an Order Status of "Submitted".




Best Sellers

See Products Sold from all Store(s) selected. Includes quantity and total sales.

Inventory Re-Order

Every Product has a reorder level configured. Whenever the Product quantity crosses the reorder level it indicates that the Product needs to ordered again. This report tracks all the Product which needs to be reordered.

Top Earning Products

Products that generate the most revenue on your site along with their quantities sold.

Popular Search

Details for every keyword search from Store(s) along with the number of times the keyword is searched.




Service Request

Questions or reviews submitted by Customers from the "Contact Us" form displayed in the footer section of Stores. It also contains feedback submitted by the Customers after successfully placing the order using the "Click here to give us feedback on your ordering experience" link.





A list of all registered B2B and Customers.

Email Opt-In Customers

Customers registered for the Promotions and newsletter subscription from the Stores.

Most Frequent Customer

The number of times customers have placed orders, regardless of the Order Amount.

Top Spending Customers

Customers generating the most revenue ie., Orders placed with the greatest Order Total. Includes Total Order Amount for all Orders placed.


It gives a report for all the activities carried out on the Admin site wherever an activity log has been applied.



Activity Log

Displays a list of all service requests.


Displays all the vendor details.

Custom Reports

Custom reports can be developed and listed here.

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