Managing Global Attribute Families


Navigate to: Admin > Global Attributes > Global Attribute Families

Attribute Families allow Admin users to associate certain attribute groups to system defined entities Stores or Users or Accounts. The associated groups and the attributes associated with the group for Stores or Users or Accounts get displayed on the Manage Store or Manage User or Manage account page respectively.

Admin users can also add Attribute Families from this section.

Add Attribute Families

Navigate to:  Admin > Global Attribute Families > Add New Attribute Family

Note: More than one Attribute Family cannot be added for Entity Types Stores, Users, and Accounts. Only one family can be maintained for such entity types.

Edit Attribute Families

Navigate to: Admin > Global Attribute Groups > Edit Attribute Family

  1. Make the required changes in the Attribute Group.

  2. Click on the Save.

Managing Attributes Groups Within Families

  1. The Administrator can associate any attribute group with the same entity type. 

  2. The Administrator can edit the Display Order of the associated attribute group.

  3. The Administrator can delete the attribute group.

Delete Attribute Family

Navigate to:  Admin > Global Attribute Families > "Delete Icon"

  1. Click on delete.

  2. The attribute family will be deleted.

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