Managing Vendors


Navigate to: OMS > Vendors

Vendors management allows administrators to create Vendor profiles and to associate a Product to their Vendors. Once a Product has been associated with a Vendor, Znode will create alerts for administrators when their Inventory reaches the restocking threshold.

Vendor Details



Full Name

Names are added to the Master Attribute Vendor List via the Locale/Values tab of "Attribute Code: Vendor.”

Vendor Name

Vendor Name as displayed on the PDP.

Phone Number

Vendor Phone Number

Email Address

Vendor Email Address as displayed on the PDP.

Company Name

Associates Company Name to Vendor

Is Active

Specifies if Vendor information is displayed on the PDP.

Manage action

Edit and Delete the Vendor details from this tab.

Adding a Vendor 

Adding or Editing a Vendor in the Master Attribute Vendor List

Navigate to: PIM > Product Attributes > Attributes > Attribute Code: Vendors > Locale/Values tab > "Add New" button

The Master Attribute Vendors List is the list of Vendors seen in the detailed, "Vendors Name", drop-down box. Anytime an administrator needs to select Vendors, these are the names that appear in the detail field. On the Locale/Values tab, the administrator can add/edit/delete the Vendors on the Master Attribute Vendors List.

Steps to add a Vendor to a Master Attribute Vendor List:

  1. The "Add New" button

  2. Complete "Vendor" details

  3. Save progress with the "Save" button

Adding a Vendor in OMS

Navigate to: OMS > Vendors > "Add Vendor" Button

Steps to add a Vendor to OMS:

  1. Complete details for Vendor profile

  2. Save Progress with the "Save" button, the tab "Associated Products" tab appears.

  3. From the "Associated Products" tab, use the "Associated Products" button to select Products to be associated with the Vendor.

  4. Save Progress using the "Save" button

Deleting a Vendor

Navigate to: OMS > Vendors > "Delete" action

Steps to Delete a Vendor:

  1. On the Vendors list page, click the “Delete” icon.

  2. The page reloads with action confirmation.

  3. The vendor is now deleted.

Configuring a Vendor

Associate Products to Vendor

Navigate to: OMS > Vendors > "Edit" action > "Associate Products" tab > "Associate Products" button

Steps to Associate Products to Vendor:

  1. On the “Associated Products” tab click the “Associated Products” button.

  2. Select Products to associate with Vendor

  3. Save progress using the "Save" button

Edit a Vendor Profile

Navigate to: OMS > Vendors > "Manage" action 

Steps to Edit a Vendor Profile:

  1. On the Vendors, list clicks on the “Manage” icon.

  2. Edit Vendors List

  3. Save progress using the "Save" button

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