Managing and Configuring Add-On Groups


Add-On Groups are simple products that can be added to an Order directly from the PDP of another Product. Add-On Groups can be associated with another Simple Product or with Bundled, Configurable, or Grouped Products.

Example: A customer is on the PDP page of the Product "Roses," and they are given the chance to add-on to their Order a nicer vase, a box of chocolate, or a bottle of wine.

But what exactly is an Add-on Group? Add-on Groups are how the Add-ons are displayed on the PDP--such as a drop-down list, checkbox, or radio button. Add-on products must be associated with an Add-on Group before they will be visible.

Adding an Add-On Group

Navigate to: PIM > Add-On Groups > "Add New" button

Steps to add an Add-On Group:

  1. Complete “Add-On Group details”

  2. Then, save progress using the "Save" button




Defaults to English. Additional Locale values can be added via edit after the Add-On Group is created.


Name to internally reference the Add-On value

Display Type

Choose the UI in which customers have presented the Add-on group on the PDP.

Deleting an Add-On Group

Navigate to: PIM > Add-On Groups > “Delete” button

Steps to delete an Add-On Group:

  1. Click on the “Delete” button

  2. The page reloads with action confirmation.

  3. The Add-On Group is now deleted. 

Associating an Add-on Group to a Product

Navigate to: PIM > Products > “Edit” action > “Add-On” tab > “Associate Add-On Groups” button

At the Product level, administrators can associate products to an existing Add-On Group by:

  1. Selecting which Add-On Groups the product is to be associated with.

  2. Saving progress using the "Save" button.

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