Creating a Page Template


Navigate to: CMS > Page Templates

Administrators can create a page template from this section.

Page Template Details




Internal reference name for the Page Template

File Name

Use the "Browse" button to locate the .CSHTML page template file.

Preview Image

Administrators can associate a Preview Image to the Page Template from this section while adding new/editing Page Templates. This associated preview image will be available in the Page Template selection dropdown during the page creation process.

Adding a New Page Template

  1. Enter a Page Template Name

  2. Use the "Browse" button to locate a .CSHTML page template file.

  3. Select the Preview Image.

  4. Save progress using the "Save" button.

Editing a Page Template

  1. Browse for a new .CSHTML page template file.

  2. Select the Preview Image.

  3. Save progress using the "Save" button.

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