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A Product Feed, also known as a Data Feed, is an Excel, TXT, or XML file that contains Product information. The Product Feed is used by search engines, such as Google or Bing, to Index the website.

Adding Product Feeds



Locale ID

Create Feed for selected Locale from the drop-down list.

Last Modification

Select the Last Modification preference using radial buttons.


(Optional) When multiple shopping feeds for the same Product exist and the Administrator wants to determine which feed is used when ads for these Products show. The administrator can prioritize the Product Feed when other feeds are generated for the same or different Product.

Type of XML Site Map

A feed is generated for Google or Bing search engines.

Following are the fields when Google or Bing is selected

1. Feed title - Administrators need to add Title in this field. This title shows in the Product Listing Ad (PLA) on Google’s/Bing result page.

2. Feed Link - The administrator needs to add the feed URL in this field. Clicking on this link on Google or Bing search result page will have the direct products link. 

3. Feed Description - Administrators need to add the general description in this field. This field shows the specification and guideline that describes what information is provided to Google and Bing.

XML Site Map Type

Feed will be generated for Category Page Or Content Page.

File Name

Specify the file name for generating the Product Feed.


Select Store where the administrator wants to generate Product Feed.

Saving Product Feeds

  1. Update Product Feed Details

  2. Save progress using the "Save" button. The page reloads with confirmation of the action.

  3. The product feed is successfully saved.

  4. The XML feed file is generated and saved on the server on the following path.

    Under the API folder ~/data/default/content/

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