Managing Commerce Connector

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There is a set of libraries called Extension Engine within the Znode ecommerce platform. The Commerce Connector is one of the main areas for extensibility and is an important part of any customization and integration effort.

The components of the Commerce Connector act on data within the shopping cart to handle the following processes and calculations:

  • Taxes

  • Shipping

  • Promotions

  • ERP Connectivity

For many people, the different Extension types found in Znode are more than enough to use out-of-the-box. Others may need to create their own providers to handle other scenarios specific to their business. The Commerce Connector in Znode gives a consistent set of classes on which to base own custom extension implementations, making it easy to extend the platform without having to modify the Znode codebase itself.

For example, Administrator can create their own custom providers with their own .NET assembly, and then deploy that assembly to the website, where it will be automatically recognized for use within Znode.

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