Managing Quotes


Navigate to: OMS > Quotes

Quotes module allows admin users to create quotation requests on behalf of customers, for the products customers wish to purchase. Administrators can create, view, and manage quote requests submitted by admin users/customers from this section.

Manage Quote

Navigate to: OMS > Quotes > “View” Action

The "View" action is used to open the Manage Quotes screen for the respective quote.

Administrators can modify or make changes to an existing Quote that has been submitted by a customer from this screen. 

Administrators can view/update/modify the following from a Quotation request:

  • Quote Status

  • Expiration Date

  • In Hands Date

  • Shipping Type

  • Job / Project Name

  • Shipping Constraints

  • Billing Address

  • Shipping Address

  • Unit Price of line item

  • Quantity of line item

  • Tax Exemption

  • Quote Notes

Note: No minimum and maximum quantity restrictions are considered for managing Quotes from the admin application hence Administrators can decide the minimum and the maximum quantities of a line item for Quotes

The changes in the following results in recalculations of the Quote summary:

  • Shipping Address

  • Unit Price of line item

  • Quantity of line item

Administrators can perform the below steps to manage the quote:

  1. Click the View icon from the Quotes list

  2. Make changes to the quotes

  3. Click on the Save button

  4. The changes are saved successfully

Quote Conversion To Order Process

Administrators can convert any non-expired/non-approved quote to an order by following the below steps:

  1. Make the required changes (optional)

  2. Change the status of the quote to “Approved”

  3. Click Save. Once the quote status is permanently saved as Approved the payment pops up will appear.

  4. Select the payment method and add the required information.

  5. Click Save.

  6. The quote is converted to order. 

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