Creating a Quote


Navigate to: OMS > Quotes

Creating a quote for a customer is a multi-step process. Administrators needs go complete/review the details in the following tabs to place a Quote Request:

  1. Customer

  2. Cart & Shipping

  3. Notes

  4. Review & Save Quote

Customer Tab

  1. Store: Select the store for which the Quote request needs to be placed.

  2. Customer Name: Enter/select the existing customer from the list. There are two ways to select customers.

    1. Search for an existing Customer: Click on the search icon. Here all the customers who are associated with the selected store are displayed on the panel. The administrator can select the customer from the list. 

      1. When selecting an existing customer, the corresponding address will be displayed on the address tab page. 

    2. Add New Customer: The administrator can create a new customer for the selected store. Click on the Add new customer icon. 

      1. The administrator needs to capture the address information if adding a new customer.

  3. The administrator can change the customer address using the "Change Address" button. Click on "Save" after updating the address info.

Cart and Shipping Tab

  1. The administrator can select a product and product quantity before adding the product to the quote using the "Add Product" button.

  2. They can select Shipping Method by first getting the shipping options and then selecting the method


The administrator can select a Quote Expiration Date, Job / Project Name, and Additional Notes in this section.

Note: By default, the value for Quote Expiration Date will be available in this section. The value of this field is determined by the value saved against the Quote Expiration settings for Store.

Review & Save Quote

The administrator can review and save the quote from this section.

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