Integrating 3rd Party Services With Znode

Steps to include services into the Znode SDK

  1. In the Znode SDK, under the Libraries folder, create a new class library with a name like Znode.Libraries.<yourservicename>.csproj (Znode.Libraries.MailChimp.csproj) in this case.
  2. Create a new class inside this project and add all the methods required to consume the 3rd party APIs.
  3. As the example is for integrating Mailchimp, an email marketing service, Znode’s built-in methods used for user signup, sign up for a newsletter, etc. should be overridden in the custom class for eg. CustomUserService.cs and the logic to share information with the third party APIs can be written
    1. The screenshots above give an idea of using/overriding the built-in methods to consume 3rd party APIs.

Pro Tip: You can also add helper methods inside this class library which may help to support your logic.

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