Release Notes

Release Date: October 8, 2021


Release Information

Znode release includes the fixes of the minor bugs and enhanced cart retrieving performance fixes.


Breaking Changes

Please refer to the Breaking Changes Document for more information.

Issues Resolved

[ZPD-15351/ZLMC-1773/ZPD-12696/ZLMC-1773] - Web Store - In a specific scenario the performance was enhanced while retrieving the bundle products into the cart 


[ZPD-15186/ZLMC-2653] - Web Store - When an API was called to fetch Brand details it was not returning SEO Friendly details.


[ZPD-9111/ZLMC-1157] - Web Store - The application was not throwing an error when the added products in the cart exceeded the maximum limit.


[ZPD-12033]  - Webstore - When a specific product was added to the cart and an order was placed, the application displayed an error, as well as the order, was placed successfully. 


[ZPD-11800/ZLMC-1566] - Web Store - Register link for product mini listings on product listing pages was not working.


[ZPD-11305/ZLMC-1494] - Admin - While adding multiple approvers in the Approval Management page, it was observed that the cancel/close button was missing.

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