Release Notes

Release Date: March 3, 2022


Release Information

Znode release includes enhancements in Search Profile - Synonyms workflow and some minor bug fixes


Important Points


  • Index creation would be initiated every time user clicks on the “Publish Synoymn” button and all changes will be reflected on the web store once the index creation process is completed. The index creation will consider the complete Catalog published data instead of just considering the respective synonyms published data. The path for publishing synonyms from the admin application is Marketing >> Site Search >> Synonyms tab
  • In a scenario where the user does not publish the changes from the Synonyms tab and publishes a new index with a new name from the Search Setting -> Manage PIM Index screen even then all the new changes will be reflected on the web store 
  • When all the changes are deployed, it will be mandatory to create a new index with a new name as all previous releases may have synonyms for both search and index time analyzers and the existing schema may not work properly with the changes deployed in the Znode release.
  • In a scenario where the Synonyms token filter update process fails the new index creation will not be initiated and the changes of the previous index published will be applicable on the Web Store 

Breaking Changes

Please refer to this Breaking Changes Document for more information.


[ZPD-13454] - Improved Behavior Of Synonyms 

Administration / Shopper Experience

The existing Synonym's behavior is enhanced so as to show more relevant search results to the users, explanation of the improved behavior is shared below

When Synonyms are configured as:

  • Unidirectional then the search results on the Web Store will display all products that are associated with the original as well as replaced by keywords only when the original term is searched
  • Bidirectional then the search results on the Web Store will display all the products that are associated with the original as well as the replaced by keywords irrespective of the keyword (original/replaced by) searched

Issues Resolved

[ZPD-17396] - Admin - The Any/All conditions from Marketing >> Site Search >> Boost & Bury - Add/Edit Boost & Bury popup - Trigger Section was not working properly when multiple rules were configured.

[ZPD-16909] - Admin - The “Is Use In Search” feature under Marketing >> Site Search >> Search Profiles >> Edit Search Profiles >> Facets  was not visible in the columns section


[ZPD-16846] - Admin - Corrected the Help Text for Site Search >> Boost and Bury and a few missing validations were added 


[ZPD-16829/ZPD-17473] - Admin -  ID column on the Keywords Listing Page was not needed and hence removed from Marketing >> Site Search >> Keywords Redirect 


[ZPD-17757] - Admin - When orders (that were placed before the Znode version was upgraded to 9.7) were edited and changes were saved, still the message to save the changes was getting displayed.

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