Znode Certifications and Digital Badges - Frequently Asked Questions



This page has answers to the most common questions about Znode Certifications and Digital Badges.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Znode certifications?

Znode offers certifications with digital badges to individuals who complete academy classes and the associated certification exam.

What certifications are available for Znode?

View a list of the certifications that are currently offered here: View a list of the certifications that are currently offered here:

How do I get a Znode certification?

You need to complete a Znode class, and then take and pass the associated certification exam.  You can see our available classes and schedule here: https://www.znode.com/resources/znode-academy/

What are Digital Badges?

Users that complete a certification, receive a digital badge. Digital badges are available in an online format so that you can easily retrieve and share the details of your achievement. Our digital badges are provided through the digital badge service Accredible.

I received my first Digital Badge, what now?

You will receive an email with your digital badge. Click ‘You can now share or download your badge’. At this point, it is recommended that you set a password for credential.net account, if you do not already have one, using the “Set a Password” link in the upper right. Then click ‘My Credentials’ at the top, on the right to go back to your digital badge.

How do I use my Digital Badge?

You can post your certification to LinkedIn and other social platforms, download your badge to add to your email signature, and share your certification with other people.  To find out more watch this video that describes how the Accredible digital badge can be used: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iad7NMGvGDE

What is the login page that will allow me to see all my digital badges?

Browse to https://www.credential.net/welcome sign in, to see your digital badges.

You can retrieve all of your digital badges by going to this site and entering your email address: https://v2.accounts.accredible.com/retrieve-credentials You will then be sent an email with all of your digital badges.

How do I share my digital badge with my employee or someone else requesting the details for it?

Open the link for your digital Badge, if you have it or go to https://www.credential.net/welcome and login to see your digital badge.  Open your digital badge, click on the share email link under the certification name, and enter an email to send the certification to.

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