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Znode includes the enhancement related to the Display Order of Products associated with the Category 


  • When upgrading the script to Znode v9.7.5.1, it is mandatory to clear the data and republish it.

Important Point

[ZLMC-5006] Ticket changes are been given manually to the customer

Breaking Changes

Please refer to the Breaking Changes Document for more information.


[ZPD-26235/ZLMC-4943/ZPD-26193/ZLMC-4939] - Enhancements to the category-related products' display order

Administration/ Shopper Experience

The display order for the products within a category will save the data for the display order exactly how the administrator defined it. The Products will be displayed on the webstore in the same order in which the administrator will set them through the admin application

Important Points: 

  • Index recreation will be required after introducing these changes as the DisplayOrder field will no longer be needed so it will be removed and a new nested field will be introduced with the name CategoryProductDisplayOrder.
  • As the new field will be introduced to maintain the display order, publish time and index creation time will be impacted.
  • In the case of the CategoryProductDisplayOrder field, nested sorting will be used in the search queries which may impact the query time.

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