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Release Notes / Version / August 02, 2023

Release Information

Znode includes the enhancement related to the Shipping Methods and Display Order of Products associated with the Category.


  • When upgrading the script to Znode v9.7.6.1, it is mandatory to clear the data and republish it.

Breaking Changes

Please refer to the Breaking Changes Document for more information.


[ZPD-25952] - Search Profile Enhancement

Administration/ Shopper Experience

The Index settings section is now separated from the search profile and will be available as a separate entity. These index settings can be managed independently of the search profile wherein different index settings can be managed for separate catalogs. The admin will also have the capability to manage Global Index Setting as well. This Global Index Setting will be applicable if index settings are not available for a specific catalog/catalog.

The Znode will allow multiple search profiles to get created against a single catalog. Along with it, the search profile will now have triggers and a store section attached to it that will enable the admin to set the triggers for the profiles as well as mark the profile as a default against a store on the basis of which a specific search profile will be selected against a specific catalog

[ZPD-24862/ZLMC-4702/ZPD-24669/ZLMC-4607/ZPD-26189/ZLMC-4933] - Enhancements to the category-related products' display order

Administration/ Shopper Experience

The display order for the products within a category will save the data for the display order exactly how the administrator defined it. The Products will be displayed on the webstore in the same order in which the administrator will set them through the admin application.

Issue Resolved

[ZPD-26561/ZLMC-5006] - Admin and Web Store -  Changes were made in the catalog tree in order to arrange the categories within it. But even after publish the category order remained the same on the Webstore

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