9.0.2 Release Notes

Bugs Fixes:


CASE ID 21229 - Product Feeds 

While creating Product Feed Scheduler navigation is incorrect, currently, it is navigating to Mock ERP Configuration page instead it should navigate to Product Feed.

CASE ID 21232 - Product Feeds 

Unable to create a product feed for Google Product Feed and Bing Product feed if more than 50000 products associated in Catalog.

CASE ID 21330 - Product Feed 

Price is not displaying as per global setting in generated XML.

CASE ID 21250 - Product Feed 

Need to display one icon that will generate the Product feed from the list page.

CASE ID 21302 - Mock ERP Configuration

No need to display Tools widget on unassigned touch point popup.

CASE ID 20344 - Import

Import status is displayed as Failed even record successfully imported into the application.


CASE ID 21290 - Pages 

Content page name is not localized from admin site.


CASE ID 21345 - Accounts 

Success message is not displayed while enable/disable the account.

CASE ID 22340 - Customers 

'Set As Default' option not displayed if logged in with Store Admin with a new role.


CASE ID 21303 - Promotions and Coupons 

Unable to select store if brand is selected first for Amount Off Brand Promotion.

CASE ID 21456 - Site Search 

Error page displayed on Product Level Boosting if created a Product with special characters

CASE ID 21331 - Promotion & Coupons 

Global Search for the 'Product' popup not working in the Edit mode.


CASE ID 21253 - Manage Order 

While Return Order Shipping amount is allowed to change which is incorrect.

CASE ID 21288 - Orders

Incorrect Tax amount refunded for a Product having add-on associated with it.

CASE ID 21300 - Orders

Full Order amount getting refunded if same order is updated to 'Cancelled' which is already being 'Returned'.

CASE ID 21311 - Orders

For same order, not able to capture the payment again using Payflow Payment Gateway if order already captured.

CASE ID 21312 - Orders 

Not able to update the Tracking number for the order if the Order is placed by PayPal Express.

CASE ID 21313 - Orders 

If Default Order status against the Order is updated then associated Order line item status is not getting updated.

CASE ID 21319 - Orders

Incorrect Unit Price displayed in Order returned history if try to return multiple quantities of the same Product.

CASE ID 21458 - Manage Order 

Incorrect unit price displayed after changing it for a Bundle Product.

CASE ID 21459 - Manage Order 

Incorrect personalize text is displayed for a configurable product if added personalize text in two configurable products.

CASE ID 21459 - Orders 

Getting an error page while click on the Order Date column.

CASE ID 21289 - Manage Order 

Tax Amount displayed as refunded even if Order is 'Tax exempted'.

CASE ID 21279 - Manage Order 

Not allowing adding a new address for an Order placed by a B2B User.

CASE ID 21307 - Manage Order 

Edit link is displayed below the tracking number field.

CASE ID 21255 - Manage Order 

Captured pop up not displayed if tried to return a single product.

CASE ID 21135 - Manage Order 

Invalid coupon code message displayed for an already applied coupon if new coupon tried to apply.

CASE ID 19438 - Gift Cards 

Email getting sent with an incorrect currency symbol.

CASE ID 21306 - Orders 

Product Tracking Number field is not displayed if status is selected as Submitted or Returned.

CASE ID 21096 - Manage Orders 

Not able to update the product if it is not available in the website.


CASE ID 21358 - Inventory 

Getting error page on Inventory list if more than 50000 products associated in the inventory list.

CASE ID 21359 - Catalog 

Catalog publish process taking time for single locale if more than 50000 products associated in Catalog.

CASE ID 21270 - Products 

Need to remove the option 'Product Image' from 'Columns' and 'Manage Filters'

CASE ID 21293 - Add-ons 

Product image thumbnail displayed as broken on changing the locale.

CASE ID 21344 - B2B 

Correct configurable products not getting added to the cart when ordered from the Order Template.

CASE ID 21488 - PIM

Error page displayed on searching with the 'Attribute Family' filter.


CASE ID 21268 - Orders 

No need to display returned product entry in Order Reports.

Stores and Reps

CASE ID 21262 - Webstore 

Need to provide Tax column in Return history section

CASE ID 20619 - Webstore 

Underscore is displayed in the Payment method.

CASE ID 21263 - Webstore 

On Category List page, applied SortBy Filters are not persistent if facets are applied.

CASE ID 21298 - Webstore 

Tax is not applied to associated add-ons of a Grouped Product.

CASE ID 21325 - Webstore 

While click on the create index button, already Published Products are not displayed on webstore.

CASE ID 21336 - Webstore 

While creating new valid address (if valid address condition set from the Store) Address validation displayed. It should allow adding valid addresses.

CASE ID 21337 - Webstore 

UOM texts not displayed with the Product Price on the PDP.

CASE ID 21335 - Webstore 

Unable to add to cart product from Configurable PDP page if main configurable product price associated and simple product having tiered price associated

CASE ID 21282 - Webstore 

Add-on value displayed as selected on PDP page of the product even if it is not set as default from the admin site.

CASE ID 21328 - Webstore 

Allowing to Add to cart a Call for Pricing enabled promotion products on Quantity Change.

CASE ID 21455 – Webstore 

Validation message for required Add-on not displayed for a Bundle Product.

CASE ID 21225 – Webstore 

The application is not allowing placing the order using Discover CC type for Stripe Payment Gateway.

CASE ID 21341 - Webstore

Profile based Payments and Shipping not displayed properly for B2B users

CASE ID 21333 - Webstore 

Getting exception while adding to cart grouped product with add-on if price and inventory not associated to add-ons.

CASE ID 21460 - Webstore 

An error page is displayed if Enter Key is pressed on the PDP of the personalized product.

CASE ID 22591 - Webstore 

The application is not allowed to Add To Cart the product if some special character present in the SKU.

CASE ID 22351 - Webstore 

Product Image is not displayed on Product details page if image extension is set as.SVG

CASE ID 21294 - Store Display Settings 

Need to display correct default image pixels in the display setting for a new store.

CASE ID 19833 - New Template

UI of the Add to template button is not proper while creating the new template.

CASE ID 21266 - Package Weight Limit

Default value for Package Weight Limit not displayed for a newly created Store.

CASE ID 21349 - Display Setting 

Not allowing the associating .svg image to the store logo.

Known Issues:

  • CASE ID 22855 - Reports - Unable to generate any Report if logged in with a newly created Store Admin.

  • CASE ID 22883 - Upgrade 901 to 902 - Not able to export the Pricing rule from Price list page.

  • CASE ID - 23230 - Upgrade 901 to 902 - Existing product review is not displayed.

  • CASE ID 22798 - Webstore - Recently added product is not displayed at the top of the shopping cart page.

  • CASE ID 22835 - Webstore - Incorrect promotions getting applied in Amount of x if y purchased promotion type.

  • CASE ID 18405 - Custom Report - Blank reports getting generated if tried to generate report after applying filters.

  • CASE ID 21774 - Webstore - B2B - Order Template - Products associated as Bundle to the main product not displayed.

  • CASE ID 22398 - OMS - Orders - Tax amount is not displayed for Grouped & Configurable products after saving the order.

  • CASE ID 23101 - Incorrect ship amount is calculated if the product is selected  for ship separately.

  • CASE ID 22748 - PIM - Attribute Configuration – PIM - Variant Label display order does not match attribute configuration.

  • CASE ID 20814 - Dashboard - Store wise information is not displayed on the dashboard.

  • CASE ID 20836 - PIM - Unable to create Bundle, Group Products and associate Add-ons after importing 25000 Products.

  • CASE ID 21735 - PIM - Products - Sorting is not working on Associate Add-on popup.

  • CASE ID 22365 - Admin - Email is sent from default store (Default SMTP) while checkout the order or reset the password from the customer.

  • CASE ID 22372 - Display Setting - Home Page specials - Need to add product image column on the associated product popup.

  • CASE ID 22387 - Store - Tracking Pixel - Need to displayed help description in pixel fields.

  • CASE ID 22747 - OMS - Quotes - Existing product gets replaced when tried adding new product to the quote.

  • CASE ID 22752 - Webstore - Auto add on are not displayed while Add to cart the product from Quick Order.

  • CASE ID 19858 - Webstore - Grouped product inventory not getting tracked.

  • CASE ID 20257 - Webstore - The application is not allowed to associate grouped as well as configurable product to order template

  • CASE ID 20344 - Import - Import status is displayed as Failed even record successfully imported into the application.

  • CASE ID 21237 - Webstore - Corrupt image icon is displayed for a while when using Zoom functionality.

  • CASE ID 21583 - Webstore - Quick Order - Configurable/Grouped Products not getting added to the cart properly.

  • CASE ID 22759 - Webstore - Search is not showing the proper result while search with keyword ‘Peard’ instead of ‘Pear’.

  • CASE ID 20602 - Pricing Engine - Import - Not allowing importing the pricing if try to import already exported file.

  • CASE ID 22885 - Admin - Product Feeds - Error page is displayed when tried creating a scheduler with an existing scheduler name.

  • CASE ID - 22912 - Product feed not getting generated for all products if more than 10000 products are available.

  • CASE 22890 - Mock ERP Configuration - Error page is displayed while sorting the Scheduler Name, Scheduler type and status column.

  • CASE ID 22844 - Webstore - Price for the product is not displayed on the webstore if SKU contains a special character.

  • CASE ID 22846 - OMS - Orders - Edit link is not displayed for Shipping Method while returned the product from the manage order page.

  • CASE ID 22818 - PIM - Products - Variant- Update display order not working.

  • CASE ID 22823 - PIM -Products - Dirty popup message is displayed while removing the product image.

  • CASE ID 22833 - Marketing - Promotion & Coupons - Check box column is displayed after a product id column for all product type promotions.

  • CASE ID 21975 - PIM - Attributes - Not able to save the record on first click i.e. Mozilla Browser.

  • CASE ID 22160 - Webstore - Breadcrumb getting displayed after the page gets loaded.

  • CASE ID 22772 - OMS – Vendor/Brands/Highlights - In filters Vendor/Brands/Highlights name is displayed as selected by default.

  • CASE ID 22794 – Webstore - Sort by price not working fine for Sales price, group and configurable products.

  • CASE ID 22857 - OMS - Inventory - Unable to update the inventory of product having a special character in SKU. 

  • CASE ID 22875 – Webstore - Content page name is not localized.

  • CASE ID 23105 - Webstore - '_' is displayed in the payment field.

  • CASE ID 23229 - Media Explorer - Existing media is displayed while changing the media server.

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