Copying a Store

Navigate to: Stores & Reps > Stores > “Copy” action

On the Stores page, administrators can copy an existing store using below steps:

  1. Click the “Copy” Copyicon.png in the store list

  2. Copy Store popup opens

  3. Specify the Store Name, Brand Name, and Store Code. Click Save.

  4. The new store is added to the store list.


A prefix text “Copy of” is added to the required fields and is the new store name for the recently copied store if the administrator decides not to change it during this step. The Store Name, Brand Name, and Store Code can be changed at any point. The “Copy” action duplicates all the contents of the following sections to the new Store:

  1. Store Information
  2. Units
  3. Locales
  4. Profiles
  5. Countries
  6. SMTP
  7. Content Blocks
  8. Content Pages with SEO
  9. Associated Countries
  10. Email Templates

Create a Store Based on Copy Content

Navigate to: Stores & Reps > Stores > “Add New” Button

When adding a new store, using the “Copy Content Based On” field at the bottom of the page, administrators can create a store based on copied content from the selected store. In the following screen we can observe that below Store Alert Setting, there is an option provided to copy the contents based on the store name.

When a store is created with the Copy Content feature, the following elements from the associated store are duplicated to the new store:

  1. Content Blocks
  2. Content Pages with SEO
  3. Associated Countries
  4. Email Templates

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