Creating an Order


Navigate to: OMS > Orders > Create Orders

Creating an order for a customer is a multi-step process.

  1. Customer Tab

  2. Cart & Shipping Tab

  3. Payment Methods Tab

  4. Review & Submit Tab

Customer Tab
solid black circle

  1. Store: Select the store from which to place the order.

  2. Customer Name: Enter/select the existing customer from the list. There are two ways to select customers.

    1. Search for an existing Customer: Click on the search icon. Here all the customers who are associated with the selected store are displayed on the panel. The administrator can select the customer from the list. 

      1. When selecting an existing customer, the corresponding address will be displayed on the address tab page. 

    2. Add New Customer: The administrator can create a new customer for the selected store. Click on the Add new customer icon. 

      1. The administrator needs to capture the address information if adding a new customer.

  3. The administrator can change the customer address using the "Change Address" button. Click on "Save" after updating the address info! 

Cart and Shipping Tab

The administrator can select a product and product quantity before adding the product to the cart using the "Add Product" button.

    1. Enter Coupon Code: Can apply coupon code if available

    2. Gift Card Number: Can apply for gift card number if available

    3. CSR Discount: Admin can add additional customer discount

    4. Only published products are displayed

    5. Shopping cart line items can be removed by clicking the red "X" next to the product image.

Payment Tab
solid black circle

The administrator can select any active payment method for the order from the drop-down. The drop-down also displays any user profile related payment methods if the customer is associated with an appropriate user profile.

Review and place order Tab

Before placing the order, the Administrator can review the customer information, shopping cart, shipping info, and payment method in the "Review" tab.

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