Managing Form Submissions

Navigate to: OMS > Form Submission

Znode has a built-in form creation tool within the CMS where administrators can create custom forms and add them to a content page. When a customer submits a custom, the content of that form is saved here. Administrators can view the list of submissions for all stores and view the details. If the custom form has a file upload/attachment option, the administrator can download the uploaded file from the submission detail page.

Znode can now export the Form Submissions from the admin. For more details refer the article on the Export - Form Submissions


Submission Detail


Form Code

Name of the form

Store name

Name of the store for which the form is created.

User Name

The Name of the user who created the form

Full Name

Full Name of the User.

Created Date

The date on which the form was created.


Form details can be seen by clicking on the Icon.

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