Managing Products


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The PIM is a central location in Znode for Administrators to create and manage the products that appear in stores.

Product Types




Simple products get associated with a single SKU. Simple products can be used to build Grouped, Bundled, Configurable, or Add-On products.


  • Simple Product: Star Trek: The Next Generation, Season 3, on DVD

  • SKU: STTNG003


Grouped products are several SKUs that have been associated together. Customers can choose to purchase one, more than one, or all of the SKUs associated together. Think of a Grouped product as the SKU multi-select list. 


  • Grouped Product: Star Trek: The Next Generation, The Complete Series, on DVD

  • SKUs: STTNG001, STTNG002, STTNG003, STTNG004, STTNG005, STTNG006, STTNG007

    • With Grouped, customers can choose one, some, or all of the seasons from within the grouped product.


Bundled Products work similar to Grouped, except the associated products can only be purchased as a bundle.


  • Bundled Product: Star Trek: The Next Generation, The Complete Series, on DVD

  • SKUs: STTNG001, STTNG002, STTNG003, STTNG004, STTNG005, STTNG006, STTNG007

    • With Bundled, customers can "take all or nothing" with associated SKUs.


A configurable product is a single product with multiple variations. Each variation is a unique simple product. Inventory is tracked by the SKU of the simple product for each variation.


  • Configurable Product: Star Trek: The Next Generation Uniform-Large


    • With Configurable, customers choose from a list of configurable attributes. Each Attribute configuration is tied to a unique SKU.

Adding a Product

Administrators can create new products by clicking the “Add New” button.

  1. There are several options available to customize your product

  2. Another method to add products is by using the bulk import tool

Editing a product

Administrators can follow the below steps to edit a product:

  1. Edit the product details/associations

  2. Click Save or Save & Close

  3. Publish the product (optional)

Associating child products

It is important to associate child products to a parent product (i.e. Grouped, Bundled, and Configurable products) in order to view the child products on the webstore. 

Administrators can also manage the sequence in which child products will be displayed on the web-store based on the Display Order column value for Grouped and Bundled products. They can manage the default child product/variant for Configurable products as well.


  • Admin users can make any default variant as a non-default variant. When there are no default variants available, a default variant will be randomly selected on the product details page of the respective configurable product.

Deleting a product

On the product list page, clicking the “Delete” icon deletes the product from the PIM. Once clicked the page reloads with the confirmation that the product is deleted. 

Publishing a Product

Anytime an administrator makes a change to a product, the product must be published in order to make the change visible in the store.

There are two ways to publish a product:

  1. Product list page - Click the publish icon on the product list page.

  2. Edit product page - Click on the product edit and make the required changes. Click on the “Publish” button on the top right corner.

All products that are included in a catalog are also published during a full Catalog Publish.

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