Bulk Updating Products

Navigate to: PIM > Products

Administrators can add or update the values of attributes for desired products using the Bulk Update feature. A sample Product Update CSV file is available for download.

Preparing a Bulk Update CSV file

You can use Bulk Update to change one or more product attributes on your existing products.

Your CSV file should have the following columns:

  1. Column 1 
    1. Header: SKU

    2. Value: the SKU of the product you want to update

    3. This field is required.

  2. Column 2, etc. 
    1. You can include one or more fields that you want to update.  These can be any Product Attribute.
    2. Header: Code for the Product Attribute you want to update (E.G. ShortDescription)
    3. Value: the value you want the product to have.  Note: For Simple Selects and Multi selects use the value’s code. And for Yes/ No, use 1 for Yes, and 2 for No.

Create one row for each product you want to update and follow these steps to update product details:

  1. Navigate to “Tools” > “Bulk Update” in the top right corner
  2. Select the CSV file with the updates you want to make.
  3. Select “Auto Publish The Updated Data” to publish immediately after the import (optional)
  4. Click “Import”

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