Managing Categories


Navigate to: PIM > Categories

Categories are the organizational hierarchy for products within the context of a webstore. In this section of Znode, administrators can create and edit categories. Categories can be associated with any existing product. Administrators can associate a category to a catalog from the Catalogs section of PIM.

Administrators have several filtering options available. Administrators can use the “Catalog” filter shortcut to filter the categories associated with a specific catalog. 

Working with Categories

Category creation is a multi-section process. In order to create and associate a Category, administrators will need to visit more than one section of Znode. Steps 1 and 2 are completed in the Categories section. Steps 3 and 4 are completed in Catalogs.

Steps to add a category to the store:

  1. Add a Category.

  2. The category is then associated with products via the Categories page

  3. The category is then associated with a catalog via the Catalogs page.

  4. The category can be structured within a catalog via the Catalogs page, using Master Category Folder Hierarchy on the left side of the page.

Adding a Category

Navigate to: PIM > Categories > "Add New" button

The administrator can create new categories from this section.

Steps to add a category:

  1. Click the “Add New” button. 

  2. Enter the required details for the category and save progress by clicking the “Save” button.

  3. The category is now successfully added.

Deleting a Category

Navigate to: PIM > Categories > "Delete" action

Steps to delete a category:

  1. Click the "Delete" icon. The page requires the administrator to confirm their action and reloads with action confirmation.

  2. The category is now successfully deleted.

Editing a Category

Navigate to: PIM > Categories > "Edit" action

Steps to edit a category:

  1. Click the “Edit” icon or Category Name.

  2. Make necessary revisions and save progress by clicking the "Save" button.

Managing Catagory Display Order

An Administrator can manage the category display order from this section. An administrator can show a particular product at the beginning of a landing page. Following are the steps

Navigate to: PIM > Categories > "Edit" action

  1. Modify the category that the administrator wants to have a product show first.   
  2. Choose the Associated Product Tab 
  3. Edit Individual lines to change the display order
    1. Display Order is a value between 1 to 999.

On the webstore, the system sorts all the items first by display order, and second by Product Name. The user needs to click on the "sort by" option in the top right corner. 

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