Adding a Brand


There are up to three steps when creating a new brand and relating a product to a Brand:

  1. Create a “Brand Name”

  2. Create “Brand Manager” Page

  3. Establish “Product and Brand Relationships”

Note: An administrator can only relate a Product to a Brand after they have completed steps #1 and #2.

Creating a Brand Name

Navigate to: PIM > Product Attributes > Attributes > Attribute Code: Brands > “Locale/Values” tab

To create a new Brand, the administrator has to edit the Product Attribute "Brand". Add an additional brand name by using the “Add New” action. 

Steps to create a new Brand name:

  1. Edit the Brand attribute.

  2. Select the “Locale/Values” tab.

  3. Add the Brand Code, Display Order, and Label values.

  4. Save progress using the "Save" button. 

Create Brand Manager Page

Navigate to: PIM > Brands > “Add New” button

Steps to create a new “Brands” landing page:

  1. Complete Brands details

  2. Save progress using the "Save" button. The Brands page reloads with an "Associated Products" tab available.

Associate Products to Brand

Navigate to: PIM > Brands > "Edit" action > “Associated Products” tab > "Associate Products" button

After selecting a brand, the administrator can associate products via the “Associate Products” button. One or many products can be associated with a brand.

Steps to Associate Products to Brand

  1. Click the “Associate Products” button.

  2. Select Products to associate with the brand.

  3. Save progress using the "Save" button.

  4. The “Associate Products” tab refreshes showing the added products.

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