Managing Product Attribute Groups


Navigate to: PIM > Product Attributes > “Attribute Group”

Product Attribute Groups Overview

Product Attribute Groups become associated with Product Attribute Families and are a container for Product Attributes. Groups give administrators a way to better organize their product attributes in a meaningful way. Administrators will be prompted to reference an existing Product Group during the Product Attributes creation process. 

  1. The system-defined attribute groups cannot be removed.
  2. Custom attributes can be added to the system-defined groups.

Adding and Editing Attribute Groups

Attribute list - All the attributes associated with a respective group will be listed in the attribute list. The administrator will be able to manage (add/edit/remove) the attributes from here.

Editing an Attribute Group Locale

Locale - (see above screenshot) The administrator can add the attribute group's locale label from here.

Note - While creating an attribute group, the administrator needs to add a unique code that will represent the created attribute group. Once the group code is added and saved, it cannot be edited.

Deleting Attribute Groups

Navigate to: PIM > “Product Attribute Groups”

  1. Click on “Delete” Icon.

  2. The Attribute Group is now deleted.

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