Product Attributes, Groups, and Families Overview


Navigate to: PIM > Product 

Znode’s dynamic schema feature allows to create custom product attributes and put them into product groups and families. When creating each product the Product Family and the Product Type can be specified. 

Creating product families allows to streamline the product management process for the product managers as they use the Znode PIM.  Each product family allows to decide exactly which product attributes to show when that family is selected. This will make it easier for product managers as they will only see the relevant fields for the product they are working on.

For each family that is setup (Managing Product Attribute) It can be defined which groups and which attributes are in the family:

When the product administrator selects the family on a product in the PIM, they will then see the groups you defined as sections, with the attributes you included in the family:

You can create as many families as you need for your product management purposes, each with the attributes and groups needed.

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