Managing a Category Attribute Family


Navigate to: PIM > Category Attributes > "Attribute Families"

Category Attribute Families Overview

Category Attribute Families become associated with individual categories and are a container for Category Attribute Groups. Administrators are prompted to select an existing Category Family during the Category creation process. 

  • The system defined Default family cannot be removed.

  • Custom groups can be added to the Default family.

  • New families can be created but must be based on an existing family.

Adding and Editing an Attribute Family

Attribute list - All the attribute groups and respective attributes associated with a respective attribute family will be listed in the attribute list. The administrator can manage (add/edit/remove) the attribute groups and attributes within the groups from here.

Locale - The administrator can add the attribute family's label from here.

Delete Category Attribute Families

  1. Click on Delete Icon.

  2. The Attribute Family is now deleted.

Note: the Default family can not be deleted.

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