Configuring Media


Meta Information

Navigate to: Media Library > Media Explorer > “Edit” action

When editing media, various parameters related to the media file are updated. The parameters that administrators can access and change within the General section are Description and Display Name. The Display Name is also used as the alt text. The input added for meta information parameters like Name, Size, Height, Width, Type, Created Date, and Modified Date can only be viewed and not edited.

Using Znode out-of-box functionality in v9.6.2 or below versions, alt text is pulled into the images via the Product Name from the PIM >> Products >> Edit Product - Product Details, except for a couple of places that were fixed in v9.6.3.
The following options can be used for further customizations or for upgrading to a new Znode release:

  1. There is missing alt text on some views in Maxwell’s Hardware theme including PLP and PDP pages, add the missing alt text tag to views that are missing it.
  2. Implement Znode v9.6.3 - Release Notes, it includes many fixes for missing alt tags throughout the views found in Maxwell’s Hardware theme. These fixes along with the ADA compliance changes improve the front-end/ web-store experiences.

Replace Media

Navigate to: Media Library > Media Explorer > “Edit” action > Replace Media

In Media Explorer, the “Replace Media” button can be used by administrators to replace any existing media file with another media file of the same type so that the replaced media file is available in all the areas where the initial file was available.

Important: When an image file is replaced with another image file, a new file in the required sizes will automatically be generated (i.e. Generate Image call would be initiated)

Generate Image

Navigate to: Media Library > Media Explorer > “Edit” action > Generate Image

This provision helps administrators to generate images in case of auto-image generation failures, or in a scenario where a new media server is configured.

This provision is only required for images.

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