Managing Media Attributes


Navigate to: DAM > Media Attributes

Media Attributes is where media metadata fields can be managed. Media Attributes are specific to the Media Attributes section. Media Attributes are primarily system defined when your media assets are uploaded to the Media Library. However, Administrators can create custom Media Attributes that can be associated, like metadata, to your media assets.

Media Attribute Configuration

During Media Attribute creation, the Administrator defines what type of input the Media Attribute can accept. These fields can only be seen by Administrators and can be edited only after your media file is successfully uploaded.

Default Media Attributes

  1. Four default Media Attributes that can not be deleted: "Audio", "Image", "File",
    and "Video".
  2. Default Media Attributes have special fields, "Allowed Extensions" and "Max
    File Size (MB)"
  3. By default, all valid file formats are accepted, and "Max File Size (MB)" is
    not restricted.
  4. While creating the media attribute “Image” Administrators can see the following extensions. 
    1. JPG
    2. .PNG
    3. .GIF
    4. .JPEG
    5. .ICO
    6. .SVG
    7. .WEBP

Media Attributes must be added to a Media Attribute Group, and that group added to a Media Attribute Family before it will appear when the media assets of the same type are edited. 

Adding a Media Attribute

Navigate to: DAM > Media Attributes > Attributes > "Add New" button

Various attribute details like Attribute Type Code, Required, Min Date, Max Date, Attribute Group, Help Description, and Display Order are presented to be edited and changed later to be saved by the user. There are two options one to SAVE and the other SAVE & CLOSE.

For Locale, each attribute will have options to be entered by the administrator for all languages that have been enabled.

Note: Attributes must be assigned to an active Attribute Group before they will be displayed in creation or edit screens.

  1. Complete Attribute Details and Locale/Values
  2. Save progress using the "Save" button

Editing a Media Attribute

Navigate to: DAM >  Media Attributes > Attributes > "Edit" action

  1. Edit Attribute details and/or Locale/Values
  2. Save progress using the "Save" button

Note: Restricting which file types can be uploaded can be done by editing the respective Default Media Attribute.

Deleting a Media Attribute

Navigate to: DAM > Media Attributes > "Attribute" > "Delete" action

  1. Media Attributes must be unassociated from Groups before they can be deleted.
  2. The page reloads with a confirmation the attribute has been deleted

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