Configuring Approval Routing for Payment


Navigate to: Stores & Reps > Store Detail > Approval Management

For ‘Approval Type = Payment Method’, administrators can set the following:

  1. Order amount, above which the approval would be required
  2. Approval level, which indicates approval will be required from a single approver or multiple approvers
  3. Payment configuration(s):
    1. Payment Method
    2. Approvers

Payment-level approval routing in conjunction with User-level approval routing

When “From Amount” from Manage User >> Approval Management is greater than “Set Approval For Orders Above” from Stores & Reps >> Stores >> Manage Stores >> Approval Management, then approval routing for respective customers (shoppers) works at the user level. This means the approvers set at the user level (under Manage User >> Approval Management) will be able to approve the orders of the respective customers.

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