Managing Content Pages


Navigate to: CMS > Pages

The Pages section of Znode is where Administrators can create and manage Content Pages. You can conveniently manage all Content Pages from this single, centralized location.

The capabilities of a content page are largely going to be determined by the widgets associated with the Page Template chosen when creating the page. Make sure the page template selected has the appropriate widgets necessary to create the content desired for the page.

  1. The structure of the page and widgets are determined by the page template
  2. The content of the page is configured using widgets
  3. Content pages can be User Profile specific
  4. Content pages inherit their look and feel from a Store's Site Theme.

Widgets can be configured with the desired content after the Page Template has been saved.

Content Page List

The Content Page List is a searchable hierarchy of folders to help Administrators organize Content Pages they create.

  1. Create, rename, or delete sub-folders by right-clicking on the folder.
  2. Subfolders can be created by dragging folders on top of one another.
  3. All folders were reorganized via dragging and dropping except "Root".

Adding a Content Page

Navigate to: CMS > Pages > “Add New” button

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  1. Select a "Page Template" and complete additional page details.
  2. Save progress using the "Save" button. The page reloads with action confirmation and two tabs - "Page Info" and "Content" appear to the left of the Content Page Details.
  3. Navigate to the "Content" tab.
  4. Configure Widgets based on the requirements for the Content Page.
  5. Save progress using the "Save" button. The page reloads with action confirmation.
  6. The content Page is now added.

Deleting a Content Page

Navigate to: CMS > Pages > “Delete” action

  1. Use the "Delete" action on the Content Page to be deleted.
  2. Confirmation is required to proceed. Press "OK" to proceed with deleting the page. The page reloads with action confirmation.
  3. The page is now deleted.

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