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Znode lets administrators endlessly customize the look and feel of the Webstore's frontend by giving code-level access to the Site Themes, Widgets, and CSS.

Site Theme Template: Znode provides Site Themes which contain the structure, formatting, appearance, and behavior of the Webstore out-of-the-box. This can be downloaded locally and modified offline based on the requirements. When ready, upload this modified Site Theme to Znode so it can be associated with the Webstore(s).

CSS: Each Site Theme contains a folder, named "Contents", which contains several .css files. These can be downloaded locally and modified offline based on the requirements. When ready, the modified CSS gets uploaded and associated with a Site Theme. After the style sheet is associated with a theme, the modified CSS can be associated with a Store. Custom style sheets are uploaded using the "CSS" tab, located by using the "Manage" action on a Site Theme. Administrators can associate several .css files with a single Site Theme.

Widgets: (a.k.a Control Elements) Reusable blocks of code that can be configured without the help of a developer to serve various functions... but mainly to create content for pages. In Znode, widgets are a part of an out-of-box Webstore's Display Settings. These widgets can meet most requirements without any additional modifications. But, as part of the Site Theme template, Widgets can be customized, at the code level, to meet any custom requirements.

Core Site Theme Pages

When creating a Site Theme, there are a few primaries, "must-have", and "Core" pages that will always be a part of a Site Theme:

  1. Home Page
  2. Category Page
  3. Search Page
  4. Product Page
  5. Brand Page

Honorable Mention although technically not pages, these sections are also "Core" because they are featured on every Content Page.

  1. Layout
  2. Header Sections
  3. Footer Section

Theme Details



Theme Name

Internal reference name for themes

File Name

Upload the valid Zip file which contains multiple folders associated with it.

Associating a Theme to a Store

Note: Site Themes must be uploaded to Znode before they can be associated with a Store. 

  1. Use the "Theme" drop-down to select an existing Site Theme.

  2. Use the "CSS" drop-down to select a CSS option associated with the Site Theme.

  3. Save progress using the "Save" button.

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