Configuring a Site Theme


Navigate to: CMS > Site Themes

Downloading a Site Theme

The "Default" or “B2B” themes can be used as the template you will need to develop your own custom look and feel.

  1. Navigate to the Site Theme section of CMS

  2. Use the "Download" action on the theme. 

  3. Once the theme is downloaded, unzip the theme folder.

  4. The download can now be customized. Check out Theme Development for more insights on what is in the .zip.

Adding a Site Theme

Navigate to: CMS> Site Themes

  1. Click the “Add New” button.

  2. Complete the Theme Details.

  3. Use the "Browse" button to locate and select the modified Site Theme files

  4. Save progress by using the "Save" button. The page reloads with a confirmation.

  5. The new site theme is now uploaded

Associate CSS to Site Theme

Multiple .css files can be associated with a single Site Theme for Administrators to choose from.

  1. Use the "Browse" button to locate CSS files from local storage.

  2. Save progress using the "Save" button. The page reloads with a confirmation.

  3. CSS is now associated with the Site Theme

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