Editing a Product Review

Navigate to:  Marketing > Product Reviews > "Edit" action

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Admin users can perform the below steps to edit a product review:

  1. Edit Product Review details
  2. Save changes using the "Save" or “Save & Close” button

Product Reviews Details



Product Name

This non-editable field indicates the name of the product on which the customer (shopper) has submitted the review.


This field indicates the headline of the review.


This field indicates the reviews submitted by the customer (shopper).


This field indicates the Username of the customer (shopper) who has submitted the review.

User Location

This field indicates the location of the customer (shopper) from where he/she has submitted the review.


This field indicates the ratings submitted by the customer for the said product

Review Status

This field indicates the status of the review.

Created Date

This non-editable field indicates the date on which the review has submitted.

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