Managing Product Highlights

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The Product Highlights is a central location in Znode where Administrators can create product highlights and highlight descriptions that appear on a product details page. Product Highlights lets admin users create informative tidbits, such as awards or certifications, that can be displayed to products on the PDP. Example: Made in the USA, Certified Organic, or BIO Certified. 

Product Highlights can be associated with one or more products.

From this section, admin users can create new Product Highlights and manage the association of Products with Product Highlights.

Product Highlights Details






Select the Locale to add the description accordingly. 


Select/Upload an image for the highlight.

Highlight Type

Select the highlight type.

Display Order

Add order in which the Highlight will be displayed on the product details page. The highlight with the lower display order will be displayed first.

Image Alt Text

Add a text describing the added highlight image. This text will be displayed when the customer hovers on the Highlight Image on the product details page of the web-store.

Highlight Name

Select any unused highlight from here.

Note - Highlight names can be added by adding values to the product attribute "Highlights".

On Click Behavior

Select whether the highlight will redirect the customer to a third-party site or to a page that will display the added description. 


If On Click Behavior is “When A User Clicks On The Highlight, Redirect To The URL” then the administrator can add a URL in this field.

Available System Macros

This list represents the available product attribute macros that the administrators can use in the description field.

Note - Macros allows the application to fetch the value of the macro text corresponding to the product of the respective product page on the Web store.


If On Click Behavior is “When A User Clicks On The Highlight, The Entered Text Is Displayed Below.” then the administrator can add a description in this field. When customers(shoppers) will click on the highlight it will take them to a new page which will display the added description on the web-store.

Associated Products

"Associate Products" button

Using the "Associate Products" button, the administrator can browse the list of all the products and can associate the desired products with the highlight.

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