Managing RMA Configuration


Navigate to: Admin > RMA Configuration

From the RMA Configuration section of Znode, Administrators can manage the global RMA settings.

RMA Configuration Details



Maximum number of days RMA can be requested after order completion

Add the maximum number of days within which RMA can be requested after an order is placed

Enable Email Notifications

Select Yes to enable email notifications for customers.
Select No to disable email notifications for customers.

Returns Department Title

Add Name of Department receiving RMA from Customer

Customer Service Email ID

Add a valid Email ID for RMA Customer Service

Mailing Address for Returns

Add the mailing address where the customer must ship the products with the RMA form.

Shipping Instructions

Add instructions for returns, such as packing, shipping, etcetera.

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Update RMA Configuration

Navigate to: Admin > RMA Configuration > General-level

  1. Update RMA Configuration Details

  2. Save progress using the "Save" button. The page reloads with action confirmation.

  3. RMA Configuration is now updated.

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