Bulk Importing Data


Navigate to: Admin > Imports

Administrators can use the Imports module to import Products, Product Associations, Pricing, Inventory, Categories, Product Attributes, Zip Codes, Accounts, Account/Non-Account Customers, and Vouchers from the Znode admin application. They can also download the CSV templates to help organize and format the bulk import data.

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Available Imports

  • Product

  • Product Association

  • Product Attribute

  • Attribute Default Value

  • Product Highlights

  • Addon Association

  • Pricing

  • Inventory

  • Category

  • Category Association

  • Zip Code

  • Accounts

  • Customers

  • Customer Address

  • Accounts

  • SEO Details

  • Vouchers

Import Details



Locale ID

Select a Locale for Import

Import Type

Select an Import Type from the drop-down

Family List

Select an Attribute Family. This field is available only for Import Types Product and Category.

Select Pricing

Select a Price List. This field is available only for Import Type Pricing.

Select Country

Select a Country. This field is available only for Import Type Zipcode.

Select Store

Select a Store. This field is available only for Import Types Customer and SEO Details

Select Template

Select a Template from the drop-down. New templates can be created using the "Create New Template" button. Existing Templates can be downloaded using the "Download Template" button.

Adding an Import

Navigate to: Admin > Import & Export > "Add New" buttons

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The below steps can be used to import:

  1. Add/Select Imports Details

  2. Attach a file to Import using the "Browse" button. Must be in.CSV or Excel format.

  3. Save Import using the "Import" button

  4. The page refreshes with confirmation that Import has started. Use the "Status" button to check the status of Import. This may take several minutes.

  5. Import is finished when "Status: Completed". After Import is completed, Administrators should verify the data that appears in the respective Znode sections.

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