Deleting Custom Template



Navigate to: Dev Center > Import

This article gives an overview of how custom templates can be deleted from the admin application.

Steps to delete the custom templates

  1. Click on the ‘Manage Templates’ button on the Import list page. It takes the administrators to the ‘Templates’ screen.
  2. The administrators have the option to delete multiple templates at once by checking multiple checkboxes, then choosing a ‘Delete Option’  from the Tools option.
  3. Clicking on the delete option, a pop-up comes that asks for confirmation.
  4. Selecting ‘Ok’ results in the deletion of the selected templates/template
  5. Now the record is deleted.

Important Notes  

  1. Administrators will not be able to create any new Custom Template from this section
  2. Administrators can not download the template from this section
  3. Whenever a new template is created from the Add Import screen, the new template will be visible on this Manage template screen.
  4. The custom template is created as soon as the import is initiated. Hence, once a new template is created, that displays on the manage templates screen irrespective of the import is still under process
  5. If an administrator tries to delete the Custom Template while it's still in process, then it can not be deleted.
  6. Once a template is deleted, all the records related to that template will be deleted from the import screen.

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