Creating a custom import template


This article gives an overview of how to create a custom import template.

Steps to create the template

  • Login to the admin.
  • Go to Import under the Admin/Dev Center menu.
  • In the Import screen click on Add New button.
  • Select the Locale.
  • Select Import Type as (e.g. Customer).
  • On the Select Template option, do not select any template (keep this option as Please Select).
  • Click on Create A New Template button.
  • A new popup window will open, Add the Template Name you want and click on Save.
  • Click on the Download Template button.
  • A CSV file will be downloaded with all the attributes associated with your family as a header of the CSV.
  • Fill in all the required details on the CSV file. Please refer to this KB article for the required fields in the Import template.
  • And then click on the Browse button and select the CSV file on which you added your product data.
  • All your CSV headers will appear in the “CSV Headers” Section.
  • Click on the “Right all” (>>) button to move these CSV headers to the “Attributes Codes” section.

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