Configuring a Voucher


Navigate to: OMS > Edit Voucher Details

Voucher Details



Voucher Number

Auto-generated number. Used to reference a voucher during customer checkout.

Voucher Name

Internal reference to the voucher.

Store Name

Select the store from the drop-down. The administrator can create a voucher for the specific store.

Voucher Amount

Enter the amount of the Voucher.

Expiration Date

Enter the expiration date for the Voucher.

Customer Name

Select the customer to whom the Voucher needs to be assigned. Administrators can also create new customers and can assign this Voucher to new users.

Edit Voucher

The administrator can update the Voucher information except for the Voucher number. The administrator can also associate a customer Name if previously unassociated.

  1. Edit Voucher details

  2. Save progress using the "Save" button.

Voucher Usage History

This shows the order details for which the Voucher has been used.

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