Roslyn 'csc.exe' Error

Problem: The Znode Admin UI / API / WebStore application(s) are failing to load, possibly (but not necessarily) giving the following error:

However, there may be no useful error presented. To check if this problem is the cause of one (or more) of the applications failing to load, check the bin folders of the applications. If any of the following folders are empty, the problem is occurring:

  • Znode.Engine.Admin\bin\roslyn
  • Znode.Engine.Api\bin\roslyn
  • Znode.Engine.WebStore\bin\roslyn

Possible Solutions: This problem is very inconsistent among Znode developers, and seems to be inconsistent among the .NET community in general.

  • First, 'clean' the solution and then 'build' the solution again. Try running the app again to see if the problem is resolved.

If the prior step fails to solve the problem, download this copy of the Roslyn folder and place it in the application bin folders.

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