Failed to Publish Error

Problem: The Znode Admin UI's Store publish functionality is failing.

When clicking the publish button for a store:

admin ui store publish

The following error results:

publish failed message

Possible Solution: This problem usually indicates that scripts are not properly loading in the Admin UI.

To determine if this is happening:

  1. Open the browser's developer tools while on the Stores & Reps > Stores screen (http://localhost:6766/Store/List#).
  2. Navigate to the Scripts > Core > Znode directory. A list of scripts should be loaded:
    store publish expected scripts

If the scripts shown on the local environment is non-existent or very short (just a couple scripts), as opposed to having several dozen scripts as expected, then this most likely means that Visual Studio is not properly building the scripts. Locally, these scripts appear in the /Projects/Znode.Engine.Admin/Scripts/Core/Znode directory. Here, each *.ts file should have a corresponding *.js file.

To fix this, make sure that the Web Compiler is properly installed and configured as described in the Installing Znode document.

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