Release Notes

Release Date: August 21, 2020


Release Information

Znode release includes one enhancement and some minor bug fixes.


Automatic Voucher Number generation for Voucher Import

Breaking Changes

Please refer to this Breaking Changes Document for more information.


[ZPD-10674/ZPD-11974] - Automatic Generation Of Voucher Number During Voucher Import


Administrators can now import Vouchers without adding the value of the Voucher numbers in the CSV file. All the records in CSV which will have no value for the Voucher Number will be considered as new Vouchers and during insertion into DB, a unique Voucher Number will be generated for the respective records.

Note: Users will still have the option to use a custom Voucher Number for importing Vouchers.

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Issues Resolved

[ZPD-11307/ZLMC-1492] - Admin & Web Store - No linked products were not getting displayed in the You May Also Like section on the web store when linked products were updated and the product was saved as a draft.

[ZPD-11747/ZLMC-1553] - Custom fields were missing in the ZnodeAddress table and were therefore added so that they can be used for customization.

[ZPD-11930/ZLMC-1580] - The Create Order data was not getting passed to the ERP.

[ZPD-11972/ZLMC-1589] - Web Store - The category navigation panel was not working for mobile devices.

[ZPD-11988/ZLMC-1593/ZPD-12066/ZLMC-1603] - Admin - The Display Order range limit was less than what might be required and was therefore increased to a maximum of 99999 value.

[ZPD-10898/ZLMC-1447] - Web Store - The tiered price was not working for add-ons because the XML was not getting generated properly.

[ZPD-11726] - Web Store - A Submit For Approval button was getting displayed instead of Place Order on the Checkout page when the Order Total was $0.

[ZPD-11729/ZLMC-1545] - Admin - There were some UI issues on the Pricing tab of the Edit Product screen for Custom columns.

[ZPD-11744] - Admin - When an invalid Username was added and Voucher was imported, the status for the Import was not getting changed to Failed even when the record was not getting inserted.

[ZPD-11743] - Admin - An incorrect label was saved for the default Voucher template for import. The label has now been changed from CardNumber to VoucherNumber.

[ZPD-11754] - Admin - An incorrect label was saved for the default Voucher template for import. The label has now been changed from CardNumber to VoucherNumber and RestrictToCustomerAccount to RestrictToCustomer

[ZPD-11755] - Admin - An unnecessary column IsReferralCommission was available for the default Voucher template for import and was therefore removed.

[ZPD-11760] - Admin - The columns IsActive and RestrictToACustomer were required to support 1/0 or True/False as the values.

[ZPD-11829] - Admin - An invalid message was getting displayed for the Voucher field on the Create Order screen.

[ZPD-11893] - Web Store - Voucher values were not properly getting displayed on the Voucher details page on the web-store.

[ZPD-11904] - Admin - Voucher was getting removed when Coupon was applied or Shipping Method was selected from the Create Order screen.

[ZPD-11934] - Admin - After a product is marked as disabled, an incorrect notification message was getting displayed when changes were made and saved for an order from the Manage Order screen.

[ZPD-11966] - Admin - An initially added Voucher Amount was getting updated from Voucher when the respective voucher was removed from an order.

[ZPD-11982] - Admin & Web Store - When a content block is published, other content blocks are used to disappear from the home page of the web store.

[ZPD-11992/ZLMC-1598] - Web Store - After a shipping method is selected and a shipping discount coupon is applied, the discounted price was not appearing along with the selected shipping method until the page is loaded.

[ZPD-12014] - Admin - An incorrect icon was getting displayed for active vouchers on the Customers >> Users >> Manage User >> Vouchers tab.

[ZPD-11765] - Admin - An incorrect icon was getting displayed for active vouchers on OMS >> Vouchers list page.

[ZPD-12046] - Admin - An incorrect validation message was getting displayed for the Voucher Amount field on the Add Voucher screen.

[ZPD-12028] - The Voucher Email Scheduler was not working when Authorization was on.

[ZPD-11486/ZLMC-1514] - Web Store - When a guest customer (shopper) who is on a PDP of a product that is not available under a profile-based catalog, logs in to the web store, a blank page gets displayed.

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