Breaking Changes

Customizable Elasticsearch Library

  1. Renamed Classes: The following  .cs files and classes mentioned below are renamed:
    1. The ElasticCMSPageSearch class & .cs file has been renamed to ElasticCMSPageSearchService
    2. The ElasticSearchBase class & .cs file has been renamed to ElasticSearchBaseService.
    3. The ElasticSearchProvider class & .cs file has been renamed to ElasticSearchProviderService.
    4. The ElasticSuggestions class & .cs file has been renamed to ElasticSuggestionsService.
    5. The LoadCMSPageDefaultData class & .cs file has been renamed to CMSPageDefaultDataService.
    6. The LoadDefaultData class & .cs file has been renamed to DefaultDataService.
    7. The ElasticCMSPageSearchIndexer class & .cs file has been renamed to ElasticCMSPageSearchIndexerService.
    8. The ElasticSearchIndexer class & .cs file has been renamed to ElasticSearchIndexerService.
    9. The GetCountQuery class & .cs file has been renamed to CountQuery.
    10. The IElasticCMSPageSearch Interface & .cs file has been renamed to IElasticCMSPageSearchService.
  2. Breaking changes in existing methods: The following methods from the .cs files mentioned below have been updated:
    1. SearchService.cs
      1. The dependency registration in object factory container using structure map for IZnodeSearchProvider and IZnodeSearchRequest for its respective classes ElasticSearchProvider and ElasticSearchRequest for object creation have been removed from the constructor of SearchService class.
    2. ElasticCMSPageSearchIndexerService .cs
          1. The parameter for ICMSContentPageSearchService type has been removed from the ElasticCMSPageSearchIndexerService constructor parameter list.
    3. ElasticSearchIndexerService.cs
      1. The parameter for ISearchProductService & ISearchCategoryService type has been removed from the ElasticSearchIndexerService constructor parameter list.
      2. The property ProductService of type ISearchProductService used for the reference to hold created object has been renamed to searchProductService and converted to protected read-only variable type.
    4. The namespace of BaseQuery.cs, MatchPhrasePrefixQueryBuilder.cs, MatchPhraseQueryBuilder.cs, MatchQueryBuilder.cs and MultiMatchQueryBuilder.cs has been changed to “Znode.Libraries.ElasticSearch” from “Znode.Libraries.Search”.
  3. Removed Class: The following methods from the .cs files mentioned below are removed.
    1. ElasticCMSPageSearchIndexerService .cs
      1. The property CmsPageService of type ICMSContentPageSearchService used for the reference to hold created object has been removed.
    2. ElasticSearchIndexerService.cs
      1. The property CategoryService of type ISearchCategoryService used for the reference to hold created object has been removed.

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