Release Notes

Release Date: June 30, 2021


Release Information

Znode release includes some minor bug fixes.


Breaking Changes

Please refer to this Breaking Changes Document for more information.

Issues Resolved

[ZPD-14764/ZPD-13818/ZLMC-2500] - Web Store - Brands facet values were displaying Attribute Code instead of the respective Locale values on the Search Results and Product List pages.


[ZPD-14837] - Admin and Web Store - In a rare scenario, when a Return Request is placed and approved, the remaining quantities of the Bundle products were not getting displayed on the Manage Order screen and Order receipts in the admin and web store respectively. 


[ZPD-14893] - Admin - While editing a Bundle product, if new admin users with a new Role try to navigate to the Edit Product >> Bundle Products tab, they were getting redirected to the login page.


[ZPD-14932] - Admin - Instead of considering total in-stock inventory values of all child products from all warehouses (associated with the respective Store), the application was considering the in-stock inventory value from only the default warehouse (associated with the respective Store) to calculate the parent Bundle product’s in-stock value.


[ZPD-14935] - Admin and Web Store - Instead of displaying the updated Quote quantity, the converted Order was displaying the initial Quantity that was used when Quote was created.


[ZPD-13234] - Admin - When either global Preview is off or when CMS preview is off, the CMS pages were not getting published to the preview environment, and still a publish message was getting displayed.


[ZPD-14408/ZLMC-2368] - Web Store - The option to remove the SKU row was getting removed when no input was added and users clicked outside the field.


[ZPD-14470/ZLMC-2501] - Web Store - For countries other than the USA and Canada, the State field was displaying of type Text instead of Dropdown on the Checkout page.


[ZPD-14733] - Admin and Web Store - Child products were set as “Disable purchasing as out of stock” but when a user added the product to the cart it was getting added successfully and an incorrect message was getting displayed.


[ZPD-14765/ZLMC-2501] - Admin and Web Store - When a new user along with a new address was added, the user was unable to select the new address from the address drop-down list on the Checkout page.


[ZPD-14773] -  Admin and Web Store - Changes made in in-stock values of products were not getting reflected on the Web Store unless the cache is cleared.


[ZPD-14785] - Web Store - Out of Stock message was getting displayed for products where Out-Of-Stock Options setting was set to “Disable purchasing for out-of-stock products”


[ZPD-14790] - Web Store - Out of Stock message was getting displayed for products where Out-Of-Stock Options setting was set to “Allow back-ordering of products”.


[ZPD-14829] - Web Store - Personalised text was not getting displayed for Bundle products in Cart when products were added to Cart via Reorder. 


[ZPD-14830] - Web Store - Add-on SKU was visible on the Cart page with the associated product.


[ZPD-14833] - Web Store - Incorrect label for quantity was getting displayed in the Fine Foods theme for Bundle Product Details page.


[ZPD-14834] - Web Store - An unnecessary button “View All Hardware” was visible on the Category list pages.


[ZPD-14835] - Web Store - “All Location” label was not displaying as underlined text on the Product Details pages.


[ZPD-14841] -  Admin - The max allowed Bury value in the help message on the Add/Edit Boost & Bury popup was incorrect and was therefore corrected.


[ZPD-14859] -  Admin - UI format was inappropriate for the Contact Acknowledgment email template.


[ZPD-14894] - Admin - The Quantity and Display Order columns were not getting displayed on the Add Product >> Bundle Products tab.


[ZPD-14897] - Admin - The Quantity column on the Add Product >> Bundle Products tab was getting hidden when a filter was applied.

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