Release Notes

Release Date: July 30, 2021


Release Information

Znode 9.6.6 release includes some feature enhancements and some minor bug fixes.


The highlights of this release are:

  • Avalara VAT and Duty and Import integrations
  • Performance changes for Guest Users List


Breaking Changes

Please refer to this Breaking Changes Document for more information.


[ZPD-14565] - Avalara Integration (VAT and Duty & Import)

Administration / Shopper Experience

Znode now supports VAT and Duty and Import calculations through Avalara. Also, a setting “Prices Are Inclusive Of Taxes” is introduced along with the integration that allows admin users to define whether the product and shipping prices are inclusive or exclusive of taxes so that the Avalara application can accordingly calculate taxes.

[ZPD-14769] - Performance: Guest Users List


The stored procedure used to fetch the Guest Users list data has been optimized. This change has not only reduced the loading time of all the per-page data records but has also reduced the time required to get the searched/filtered results.

Issues Resolved


[ZPD-14729] - Admin and Web Store - The Personalised text for Grouped products was displaying more than once in the cart.


[ZPD-14988/ZLMC-2594] - Admin and Web Store - Web Store Custom logs were not getting reflected in Admin Application Logs.


[ZPD-15112/ZLMC-2630] - Admin - When two separate catalogs were associated with similar categories then publish data had an incorrect category, catalog names, and the details were stored incorrectly in the SQL published tables.


[ZPD-15146] - Web Store - Users associated with a specific Account were not able to change the variants for the configurable product as they were not clickable. 


[ZPD-15148] - Web Store - When a user associated with a specific catalog, logs in and clicks on any of the categories and then logs off and again clicks on a category and then on a product, the Product Details Page was displaying blank.


[ZPD-14335/ZLMC-2307] - Admin - Product Export feature was not able to download product details file from the Product Page.


[ZPD-14344/ZLMC-2319] - Admin - Users associated with US and Canada countries were not getting imported through ERP Connector.


[ZPD-14348/ZLMC-2324] - Admin - An error message was visible multiple times in the Application Logs section.


[ZPD-14712] - Admin and Web Store - Extra spaces were getting displayed on Order Receipt for shipping and billing addresses.


[ZPD-14735] - Admin and Web Store - Inconsistent messages were getting displayed in admin and web store when users try to add more than the available quantity for bundled products. 


[ZPD-14743] - Admin and Web Store - After removing addons from the products they were still replicating on the Web Store.


[ZPD-14745] - Web Store - Add Boost And Bury Conditions popup was displaying two different validations messages simultaneously when trying to add a new rule.


[ZPD-14901] -  Web Store - Addon products prices were visible when the “Login To See Pricing” setting was enabled.


[ZPD-14958/ZLMC-2568] - Admin - Store level payment methods and shipping methods were not automatically getting selected when no payment methods and shipping methods were associated with the used User Profile.


[ZPD-14984/ZLMC-2591] - Barcodes with font code128 were not getting scanned. 


[ZPD-15037/ZLMC-2611] - Admin and Web Store  -  When a new attribute with the “Show On Grid” setting enabled was created, then none of the operators for that column used to work on the Products list.


[ZPD-15273] - Web Store - If addressId is 0 then the SetBillingShippingFlags used to throw an error.


[ZPD-13741] - Admin - Content Security Global Attribute, text was not user-friendly to read and the WYSIWYG text editor was missing for text editing and was therefore added.


[ZPD-14306/ZLMC-2292] - Admin - Purge script for user data functional not working properly.


[ZPD-14721/ZLMC-2494] - Admin - For downloadable products, when a return request was initiated from the admin, the downloadable product keys were not getting reset to “Unused”.


[ZPD-14832] - Web Store - UI and text on the Product Details Page, Quick view were not aligned properly with the UI elements.


[ZPD-14981] - Web Store - Favorite Icon was getting displayed on top of the overlay when the navigation panel was expanded.


[ZPD-15113/ZLMC-2631] - Admin - .The application logs were not working from the API's controller due to caching issues.


[ZPD-15028] - Shipping and Tax Manager classes were not extensible.

[ZPD-15025] - Certain methods were not extensible, due to which it was difficult to implement caching.

[ZPD-15138] - ZnodeTaxHelper and related classes were not extensible.

[ZPD-15029] - Admin and Web Store - Incorrect Shipping Address was getting displayed when managing/viewing the Order details.

[ZPD-15031] - Znode_GetGlobalEntityAttributeValue stored procedure used to block the DB during heavy load.

[ZPD-15027] - Admin and Web Store - The Shipping Address was getting fetched from an incorrect DB table.

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