Release Notes

Release Date: December 3, 2021


Release Information

Znode release includes some minor bug fixes, merging of certain changes from Znode Versions,, and along with the following enhancements,

  • Improved Authorization Security
  • Improved Domain URL
  • Improved Stored Addresses Security
  • Introduction of New Filters on the Product List Page


Breaking Changes

Please refer to this Breaking Changes Document for more information.


[ZPD-15488] - Authorization Security Enhancement


Changes are made to the authorization policy which provides added security to protect the personal data of the customers.

[ZPD-15749/ZLMC-2811] - Domain URL Enhancement


Users will now have the flexibility to add the URL with a different valid scheme (i.e. www, only the domain name) apart from http. The domain URL will be visible in the exact same format as entered by the user. 

[ZPD-15181] - Stored Addresses Security Enhancement


Anti CRPF token has been implemented to restrict any attack on the Addresses saved in the address book

[ZPD-14971/ZLMC-2579] - New Filters On Products List Page


New filters "Status" and "Publish Status" are added to the Admin Products filter section.

Issue Resolved


[ZPD-15768] - Admin and Web Store - A Voucher was created with Restrict Voucher field enabled and was not associated with any customer. When one of the customers applied the same at the checkout, the voucher was showing as an invalid voucher which eventually should have been assigned to that customer


[ZPD-16073/ZLMC-2866] - Web Store - When any valid keyword with the special character was entered in the search bar, it was observed that the character was getting replaced by random text


[ZPD-15986] - Admin - There was an issue with the price round off in the global setting wherein the price was rounding off to 3 digits on the dashboard although it was set to 2


[ZPD-15970/ZLMC-2885] - Admin - When an account activation email was received by the customer "First Name" was not  displayed in the email


[ZPD-15969/ZLMC-2884] - Admin - Footer links were not opening in the new tab even when the open in new tab setting was checked


[ZPD-15963] - Web Store - The Print button position was incorrect on the dashboard


[ZPD-15959] - Web Store - Used vouchers were not displayed on the voucher list page on the Dashboard.


[ZPD-15478/ZLMC-2733] - Admin - In one of the scenarios, a test order was placed through Card Connect, the Card Connect response to the transaction was a ‘failure’ however Znode was showing the Payment Status as ‘Authorized’


[ZPD-15985] - Admin -  No associated products were getting displayed on the Manage Brand screen in the admin.


[ZPD-15941/ZLMC-2871] - Web Store - The Cancel Button and the Submit Button on the Forget Password were not working appropriately


[ZPD-15853] - Admin - When an order was created from the admin’s end by entering customer details and adding products, it was observed that the SKU field was missing in columns


[ZPD-15802/ZLMC-2837] - Admin - No new API in code was visible in the  Swagger UI


[ZPD-15734] - Admin - Add button, Back Button, and Save Button UI was observed to be inappropriate on the Custom reports list page and add new report page


[ZPD-15723/ZLMC-2805] - Admin - For products where personalized attribute was tagged, changes were made to the inline values and it was observed that the value was not getting stored even after saving it


[ZPD-15716/ZLMC-2803] - Web Store - When a website user tried to log in via the storefront, and their password has expired, it did not return any errors or did not go to a "change password" page. It simply redirected the user to the homepage and left the user logged out


[ZPD-15711/ZLMC-2797] - Admin - A new Email template was created with a macro in the subject field and using the same template email was sent. It was observed that  in the subject field the macro was not replaced with the actual content


[ZPD-15470] - Admin - When the quantity of an item was updated through the manage order screen, it was observed that the quantity was showing in the decimal point in the order history section


[ZPD-15411] - Web Store - On the check out page, it was observed that the tax details were shown below the tax summary section, which eventually should be shown when the tax summary section is expanded


[ZPD-15397] - Admin - There were some labels of Taxes under general settings that were inappropriate and were to be renamed


[ZPD-15350] - Admin - An order was created with configurable product which had all the required tax information. But when the return was created for it, it was observed that the tax was missing on the create return screen


[ZPD-15322] - Web Store - When tried to log in on the store double slash was getting added in URL


[ZPD-15291] - Web Store - In a case when a zip code is added for checking the estimate it was observed that the Address was  getting blank on navigating to the checkout page and it was the same when back button was clicked from the browser to land on the cart page


[ZPD-15257] - Admin - When the user entered the address, it was observed that the address was saved even though the phone number was not provided which eventually is a mandatory field.


[ZPD-15218] - Admin - Shipping type was getting changed when the shipping address was changed from the manage order section


[ZPD-15205] - Admin - After navigating through User Profile >> Anonymous >> Manage >> Shipping and choosing the Shipping name column it was observed that the chronological order for the shipping column was incorrect and was displaying after the action column


[ZPD-15170/ZLMC-2651] - Admin -  When tried to update an URL through the URL section of the manage store, the system returned an error and did not allow to update the same


[ZPD-15076] - Web Store - From the Admin dashboard, multiple tax rules were set and the Include Shipping Tax was set to true. Then when the order was placed through the Webstore, it was observed that the tax calculations for the shipping were incorrect

[ZPD-14982] - Admin - In the media explorer section, when media is replaced inside the Edit Media Explorer by selecting a new image and then the "save and close" button was clicked, the application takes you back to the root folder and not to the folder where the media was replaced


[ZPD-14745] - Admin - In the boost bury setting of the site search when a new rule was added, it was observed that two different validations were displayed on the popup page


[ZPD-13808] - Admin - Upon clicking view, while the import of product was in progress resulted in displaying a generic error


[ZPD-13306] - Admin - Under the CMS section, when a new page was created and in the payment option new the payment links were added, it was observed that the associate payment page UI was disturbed 


[ZPD-12067] - Admin - UI was getting disturbed while deleting the catalog


[ZPD-11740] - Admin - In the global settings, it was observed that both Promotion & Coupon and Configuration Setting were redirecting on the same page


[ZPD-15037/ZLMC-2611] - Admin - For the date type attribute the product grid filter was  not working as required


[ZPD-14315/ZLMC-2304] - Web Store - An User added products to the cart and on the checkout page, the shipping method was checked. After that, the user clicked on the edit button in the billing address and then presses the save button. After doing so, it was observed that the Shipping Method & Account Number fields disappeared but still the user was able to place the order & no shipping code was displayed on the Order receipt.


[ZPD-16111/ZLMC-2923] - Admin - When a single product publish was done, the attributes whose types were simple/multi-select, their Select Values did not publish for another active locale


[ZPD-10513] - Web Store - After logging in through a very old user account on Znode, the system displayed a Reset Password page and the UI for the same was disturbed 


[ZPD-15822] - Admin - Change password was not working on admin profile section


[ZPD-15186/ZLMC-2653] - Web Store - When an API was called to fetch Brand details it was not returning SEO Friendly details.


[ZPD-12033]  - Web Store - When a specific product was added to the cart and an order was placed, the application displayed an error, as well as the order, was placed successfully. 


[ZPD-15351/ZLMC-1773/ZPD-12696/ZLMC-1773] - Web Store - In a specific scenario the performance was enhanced while retrieving the bundle products into the cart 


[ZPD-15249/ZLMC-2669] - Admin - New users created as approvers were unable to view their own order history when associated with a new account.


[ZPD-15245/ZLMC-2665] - Admin - Robots.txt update was not working for Multiple Stores.


[ZPD-14669] - Web Store - All state names were displayed in lower case for Mexico country when an address was selected on the Checkout Page.


[ZPD-14682/ZLMC-2478] - Admin - Error message was getting displayed when a Custom Report was created.


[ZPD-15169/ZLMC-2649] - Admin - While editing the Content Widget, their variants were not getting saved properly for the PromoCardWidgetGroupSection, as the image property was blank upon saving.


[ZPD-13244/ZLMC-1900] - Admin - Two error messages used to get displayed on the Login screen at the same time when a user tries to reset and submit a blank username and password. 


[ZPD-14632/ZLMC-2461] - Web Store - UPS shipping method was not loading on the Checkout page when a specific address was selected.


[ZPD-14774/ZLMC-2504] - Admin - User did not receive any email notifications when an existing voucher amount was updated.


[ZPD-14881/ZLMC-2542] - Admin - An email was triggered to the respective user showing the details of the inactive voucher when the setting 'Would You Like To Email Customer' was enabled.

[ZPD-14303] - Admin - While configuring a featured product when all products were deleted, their association was not removed and no success message was displayed.


[ZPD-14880/ZLMC-2541] - Admin - When an existing Voucher’s Remaining Amount was updated and 'Would You Like To Email Customer' setting was enabled, the voucher amount was getting displayed incorrectly on the Web Store.


[ZPD-14739/ZLMC-2296] - Web Store - When a customer (shopper) edits his profile information from a Web Store, the Account that was associated with the customer account used to get removed. 


[ZPD-14753] - Admin - Changes were not getting saved and an error message was visible on the screen when a user tried editing a downloadable product and deleting the inventory.


[ZPD-12580] - Web Store - When products were added from Quick Order’s Paste Multiple sections, the products were added from the 2nd row, and the 1st row was used to display an invalid message.


[ZPD-14116] - Admin - File upload popup was not visible clearly when users click on the “Multiple Upload” button and selected the cross-link.


[ZPD-14610/ZLMC-2451] - Admin - Email Security/Concurrency Issue: When two users simultaneously try to generate their password from the Forgot Password section, the CPU used to generate an error while processing the requests parallelly.


[ZPD-14966/ZLMC-2574/ZPD-13245/ZLMC-1896] - Admin - When an Admin user impersonates another user and adds products, the cart of the impersonated user was getting merged with the cart of the admin user. 


[ZPD-14107] - Admin - When a user selects Users -> Profile Tab after a new user was associated with the account, it was observed that existing profiles were not removed and the newly created profile was not selected as the default profile.


[ZPD-15442] - Web Store - After updating the Billing Address from Address section, it was also getting updated in the Orders as well.


[ZPD-15503] - Admin - Tax amount was getting removed from the Order when CSR discount was applied after deleting a line item(s).


[ZPD-15564] - GetAspNetUserDetails() and CreateOwinUser() methods were made public and virtual within UserService.cs class  so that custom methods can be implemented when required.


[ZPD-15315] - Admin -  Payment API was getting accessed from outside the website.


[ZPD-15591] - Admin and Web Store - Authenticated users were not being checked for requested tokens.


[ZPD-15733/ZLMC-2807] - Web Store - On the Sitemap, when clicked on the Load more button, repeated categories/products were displayed on the page.


[ZPD-14051/ZLMC-2185] - Web Store - SiteMap was not working for catalog having a large number of categories and a large number of products

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