Artifi Integration with Znode

Set up from the front end for Artifi Integration

  1. Go to Admin > Store. Then click on Manage Store and check if the new Artifi Configuration tab is available.
  2. Click on the tab filled with the Artifi settings provided for testing and click on the Save button. (This Artifi setting will be available from the Artifi team.)
    1. Check the screenshot below:
  3. Now the next step adds a new product attribute named ArtifiPersonalize & ArtifiIframeDisplayStyle and associates it with the attribute Group.(The SQL script is provided for the same, which will add this attribute in the Znode PIM system.)
    1. If product attribute ArtifiPersonalize & ArtifiIframeDisplayStyle are already available and not associated with any attribute group, then create the attribute group as per user requirement like ‘Artifi Customization Group’ and associate this product attributes with attribute group ‘Artifi Customization Group’. And finally, associate this attribute group with the respective family.
    2. If product attributes ArtifiPersonalize & ArtifiIframeDisplayStyle are not available then, create attributes from admin and associate them with attribute Group, though now it is available in script ArtifiIntegration960 included in SDK in database upgrade and new database folders.
  4. Create the new product with the provided configured Artifi SKU. The SKU Should be the same as provided and update the ArtifiPersonalize attribute as yes for that product.
  5. If ArtifiIframeDisplayStyle is kept as true the Personalise product will be opened in a popup else will be opened in full-screen mode.
  6. Create a Child Theme with the name B2B_Artifi_Int.
    1. Go to CMS >> Site Themes >>   Click on the button ‘Add New’
    2. Provide the Theme Name as ‘B2B_Artifi_Int’
    3. Untick the checkbox Parent Theme and select Maxwell Hardware From the dropdown menu as Parent Theme.
    4. And click on save.
    5. Now go to CSS and add site.css and site.min.css referring to the path of the Maxwell Hardware parent theme.
    6. Select the same theme from admin and publish the store.
    7. The “B2B_Artifi_Int” child theme package files are provided with this release, which is based on the Parent “B2B” theme.
    8. One can create a theme with any other name, and then need to add the files accordingly from the “B2B_Artifi_Int” child theme.
  7. Publish the product and go to the website and check whether the Personalize button is showing or not for that particular product.
  8. The Artifi design should load for that particular Product on clicking the Personalize button.
  9. The same functionality needs to be checked in the OMS Module on the admin side.

Strategic Need

Provide instant virtual proof of the customized product to increase shopper's confidence and improve conversion

Fast Fact

Znode has an out-of-box extension to Artifi to deliver virtual proofs and product customization for soft and hard goods.

This can be done via Artifi’s Headless rendering engine or Designer application giving shoppers many design tools.

Use Case that can be implemented:

Shop By Logo

  1. Virtual Proof
  2. Product Configuration
  3. Product Personalization - Logo & Text

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