Tradecentric Integration with Znode


Navigate to: Stores & Reps > Stores > Manage Stores > Additional Attributes > TradeCentric.

Tradecentric is a new integration with Znode. This is a store-based setting with the values Yes/No. 

How Tradecentric works with Znode

The TradeCentric integration will be activated and Znode can be accessible through the TradeCentric portal if the setting is set to "Yes."

When the setting of Tradecentric is set as Yes, Znode is accessed through TradeCentric via iFrame for a specific user. The system first determines whether that user already exists in the Znode. if not, a new user will be created using the email address provided through TradeCentric, and a random password will also be generated. 

The admin can search for products and add them to the cart after accessing the Znode web store using TradeCentric. The difference here is that instead of a checkout button on the Cart Page, there will be a 'Transfer Cart' button. When the cart is transferred, the products in the cart on the web store are transferred to the TradeCentric portal. The admin of the TradeCentric will have the option to edit the cart items, which will eventually redirect the admin to the Cart page of the web store via the iFrame.

Once the cart has been transferred through the TradeCentric platform, the TradeCentric admin will then have the option to place an order. After the order is placed Tradecentric will send all the necessary information to the Znode and create the order in Znode as well. Purchase Order (PO) will be the only payment method available at the time of order placement, and Free Shipping will be the only shipping option available.

Important Points

  1. Through the iFrame, only the web store can be accessed, and on the webstore, there will be a few functions that won't be accessible when accessed through TradeCentric:
    1. Dropdown Menu to access My Profile Section, Orders/Quotes History, Log Out Etc.
    2. Save Cart Options
    3. Quick Order
    4. Request a Quote
    5. Checkout Option
  2. The application displays a warning message if the administrator tries to access the Manage User Screen for a TradeCentric User or opens an Order placed by a TradeCentric User.
  3. If in case there are 2-3 payment options associated with Znode Web Store, then the first on display will only be available to the TradeCentric admin to make the payments and the same for shipping methods regarding Free Shipping.
  4. If any changes have to be made to the orders placed through TradeCentric, the TradeCentric admin will have to connect with the Znode administrator and make the required modifications, including order cancellation, order changes, and order returns.
  5. When making changes to such orders, the changes will only be stored at the Znode end; no information will be sent to TradeCentric about the same.
  6. There is no facility to associate an account with a new user/existing user through the trade-centric platform. All those associations are to be made through Znode only.

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